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About us






Oklahoma, real kitchens for real people.


Kitchen furniture- It’s a funny old world, full of myths & jargon, complicated gadgets, big promises, and special taps that produce boiling water at the flick of a switch.

At Oklahoma that isn’t really our way. We like to calm things down a bit, and get back to basics. We know all the glittery worktop in the world won’t make up for a poorly planned kitchen.

We like to walk around the room, talk to our clients, and really understand what will work for them. It’s an important thing, an instinctive thing, and an opportunity often missed.


We design.


Kitchen design isn’t just about making everything fit. Of course we measure every wall & every doorway, and know exactly how wide the fridge will be. But how will this jigsaw fit together in a balanced, smooth and heart lifting way? It takes a lot of thought, a bit of sketching, turning your paper upside down, a few cups of coffee, and some looking out the window. But it’s the right way to do it.


We make it.


Our stuff is good stuff. We make each kitchen from scratch, just the way you want it, in our own workshop. Our cabinetmakers aren’t happy until every door & drawer fits & closes perfectly.


We paint it.


Painting a kitchen isn’t quick, & it isn’t easy. You spend hours sanding it down with the finest sandpaper known to humanity, and then you sand it some more. Then it’s coat after coat of the best paints, in the nicest colours, with the most expensive brushes. Bit of a palaver really, but we think all that hard work does show!


We fit it.


Our kitchens are finished and ready when they arrive. Our skilled fitters will install it perfectly level & leave it looking great and ready to use. We can liaise with your builders, or supply our own tradesmen to make those important electrical & plumbing connections. It’s an exacting job, but we don’t make a drama out of it.




We can bring them, or you can get them. There are plenty to choose from, so we can steer you through the maze, highlighting the best choices, & our personal firm favourites.




Granite, Corian, Caeserstone, and good old friendly wood. We can help you choose the best one for your project, and handle every detail of it’s installation.


Our service


Talk to us, we’re friendly. We are sure you will be impressed by the care and attention & experience we lavish on each and everyone of our projects.